About Willton Cafe & Resto



After searching for food concept which is suitable to Asian taste by exploring several countries, we finally found a concept that fits and is adapted so that it is presentable in every aspects to be offered in a café and restaurant.

Therefore the foods and beverages could be enjoyed dan tasted by public in interesting and classy food presentation.

We never stop working to improve the existing ideas to be able to deliver the best concept in ambience, services, and food quality of the café and restaurant.

Gathering with food lovers and connoisseurs regularly enriches the existing concept and adds many new and exciting knowledge of foods. We hope that the combination of Western Cuisine, Asian Cuisine, and “Nusantara” Cuisine could be presented in a more practical way with finest food quality in affordable price range so that it could be valued by all ages and all people around the world.

A long search with the will and effort, and as hard as gemstones and it can be said: “A Willing As Strong As A Gemstone”. The café and restaurant could be named as : willton